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Need New  Strategies e  Knowledge to leverage your business abroad?

And the truth is that going bankrupt or losing money could be much closer than what you think.      _cc78190 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     It is not just a question of intelligence but of wisdom to go further.
But why does this happen? Are there ways to avoid it?

With increasingly chaotic systems and the explosion of information, how to make the right decision?
What should you do to make your business scalable and successful in new markets?

If you want to know, then you can't stay out of


Required to)!

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Kipseli Online Mentoring

These are some functions of mentoring:
✅ Anticipate crises,
✅ Prevent failure,
✅Anticipating steps and, above all,
✅ Accelerate the success of the venture.

These experiences are so important for startups or new ventures  and booming businesses, 
who want not only to survive,
but thrive and scale/expand.

Why can a mentorship help in your venture?

✅ The mentor is a strategic ally for the entrepreneur:  his role is to inspire, teach and bring his knowledge on a specific subject.

✅ Get in touch and book your mentorship now to leverage your business!

Initial Consultation

Gathering basic information and interviewing the entrepreneur 




Action plan



With Mentoring you will:

Access to knowledge of risks and opportunities to leverage your business abroad, which involve the assets of Human Resources, Product, Economic and Financial Feasibility, Communication, Innovation, Digital Transformation, and Specific Consultancies involving, various disciplines of Management, Legal and Normative, and to support the challenges for


Initial Consultation


Evaluates the gaps between the information provided and the established objectives

Action plan

Planning established with businessman for execution   


Support for specific implementation questions outside of the FAQs.

Validation of achieved objectives and guidance for adjustments

Identification of Goals with testimonials and rewards

Who knows, recommends.


I worked with MOnica in 2002, and she was very responsible and dedicated to her work. Especially in the area (IT) where the work of the Sarbanes Oxley Act was developed, Monica demonstrated the criticality in the analyzes carried out where she helped us a lot in the solution of the identified improvements. It was really a pleasure to work with this excellent professional. LinkedIn

Softex Campinas

Monica is a very dedicated and focused person, the result of her work always stands out from other collaborators due to its quality.
Due to her work in our organization, I recommend Monica to act as a consultant in the CKO area. LinkedIn


She currently works as a Data-Broker and founder of Kipseli Data Experience in Portugal after the Internationalization of her company H&M Consultoria Empresarial.
Internationally promotes the Kipseli Network as a Global Business Hub (Data-Driven Innovation LGPD/GPDR Radar and PGM of Productive Chaining of
Sustainable Energy).

Since 2020 started  Roadshows for
to scale Solar Farm plants in Rondonia-Brazil, within the Kipseli Data eXperience Sustainable Energy Program and for the Launch of the H2 Policy in Portugal through the  H2 Global Cluster Community.

In Brazil,  was responsible for  Coordination  and Mentorship in R&D&I projects at Softex whose proposal qualified CMMIs and internationalization based on the Campinas Model . 
Accredited at  Innovation and Knowledge Management by Sebrae, Mentor of InovativaBrasil, PGM Creative Economy of SUMSUNG, Mentors of Brazil Network and Managed the network of NEPIoT- Nucleus of Studies and Projects in IoT._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Final call

Have you come this far and still not registered? We only have 30 spots left! Take the opportunity to be on a sweet journey with us and don't miss out on the opportunities on the Kipseli Data Experience Radar!

Talk to our team without commitment and don't miss out on this opportunity! 

There are few vacancies!

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